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Leaky Gut Update #2

As per my previous post I believe to have been suffering from a leaky gut problem, and i’ve done some further additional tests. In these tests they determined that the problem is being caused by the “Klebsiella” bacteria which is quite rare, and I think i might have acquired it 8 months ago while travelling in Fiji. I was told it is a quite resistant bacteria which is hard to remove. Ive been advised to take Mediherb GoldenSeal for 6 weeks to eradicate it and then do some more testing to see if it has been removed, and then use probiotics to populate with healthy gut flora. I hope this works and it gets eradicated as i’ve been feeling quite weird and sick last few months.

Here is a picture of the medication I am taking to improve my immune system and clearing of this bacteria, and so far it seems to be working quite good.

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