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Leaky Gut Update #7

Hello again, I finally have some good news after battling this Klebsiella for months, it seems that Metagenics Bactrex has made some difference and I’m feeling a lot better. Red Spots on my tongue have significantly reduced, so I will be taking Bactrex for another month and then redo the CDSA stools test to check the bacteria count. At the moment I’m taking Bactrex in the morning and afternoon, and then Metagenics Ultra Flora Restore 2 probiotics before sleep, as well as Biomedica Enterocare with slippery elm, glutamine, etc to rebuild the gut lining. Along with all of this I’m taking Metagenics Metazinc, Metagenics B12 Folate, Metagenics EPA Fish oil tablets, NFM Professional Magnesium + Calcium.

Diet is important too, sticking with organic vegetables, meat, and rice, sweet potato to what I can tolerate from my list of allowed foods as well as some fruit. I have been advised that I can start to re-introduce level 1 reactive foods, so I will attempt to try Pumpkin and Buckwheat Bread.

My muscle and my weight have increased now to 77kg, previously in my blog when I was at my worst in December 2013, I was 73kg, so a 4kg increase. According to my Metagenics Cellular VLA Health report my muscle is getting back to normal as well as the fat and weight.

Things are looking promising, just Im hoping next CDSA test I do Klebsiella will be gone, and then I will rebuild the gut lining and I should be able to eat more of the foods. Metagenics Bactrex is one very good product.


  1. Baba
    Baba June 10, 2014

    I have the exact same problem! My CDSA shows an overgrowth of Klebsiella and I have lost about 50 pounds in 6 years. I did FMTs (Fecal Microbiota Transplant) in December 2013 and that brought about some really good changes in my gut but the Klebsiella is still there! Sooooo glad to have found your page! It is very nice of you to write a blog regarding infection, I am sure it is going to help a lot of people around the world!

    Did you start gaining weight since you started taking Metagenics Bactrex? Or was it before that? Klebsiella terribly affects absorption. Hope to hear from you and thank you so much for the information!

    • alcatron
      alcatron June 10, 2014

      Hello there, thankyou for reading my blog. Last year i started noticing weird issues with food sensitivities then it got worse and i started loosing weight and feeling weak. I was around 78kg then dropped to 73kg doctors had no idea as all my bloodwork was fine. I saw a naturopath specialised in gut area issues and we initially used golden seal but wasn’t getting much success, and then moved later to the bactrex where i started to notice my weight pickup. I am now back to 78kg and it took me about 6 months to increase weight. After about a week on bactrex I started noticing good results. In my opinion I believe the bactrex works well is because it has oregano oil, thyme oil, clove oil and phelladendron and its these oils that breakdown the klebsiella as it directly attacks the cell membranes and breaksdown the biofilms it creates. I will be on another month on bactrex and will redo the cdsa I will post updates how this goes, but so far my absorption rate has significantly become better after the bactrex. Ive no idea how I even got this im guessing a bad case of food poisoning i had and bad bacteria had a chance to take over.. Im hoping i can eliminate it and rebuild the gut back to healthy state. Thanks for reading!

  2. alcatron
    alcatron June 10, 2014

    Oh and did you use any herbals to kill it off?

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