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Leaky Gut Update #9

Hello, well I’m up to leaky gut update 9 already.. and I do have some good and bad news. The good news is that I have managed to keep my weight steady at 80/81kg and it has not been dropping, also my fat mass has increased and also muscle mass probably due to the organic grass fed steak and chicken I was eating. I had such a large appetite for meat to eat 2 steaks and 500g chicken breast within 2 days. The other good news is that i redid the allergy IGG food sensitivity tests again through healthscope , although its cheaper, not as comprehensive as Imupro but still gives a good view to about 100 foods and reactivity. Well the reactivity has really dropped compared to the Imupro test I did in Dec 2013, no more allergy to carrot, leek, ginger, orange etc etc. My allergy to Cows Milk has dropped from 4+ to 3+, Egg White 4+ to 3+. No allergy to Goats or Sheeps Milk either, all the allergy markers are dropping which means i can eat everything again over time!! Yay!! This also means that the Gut is actually healing.. and I’m making good progress..

Now for the bad news.. it seems I have in my opinion developed in the last 2 weeks or so very low tolerance of histamine levels in food especially protein meat. Now i cannot eat anymore chicken or steak, or fish, as I get a headache and a feeling of unable to breathe and in my opinion I believe I’ve become highly sensitive to meat histamines even tho on my latest report I have no allergy. I don’t even have to swallow the fish for example, i just chew it in my mouth and i pickup something and makes me like i cannot breathe, bit weird and freaky?
So in the mean time I have had to rely on organic brown rice protein powder to try give me some of the protein I’m missing from meat, as well as use nuts and seeds, however I don’t feel as strong compared to when I was eating meat. I read many articles online and histamine symptoms and all mine seemed to match and I’m a bit concerned why all of a sudden its an issue, I did have a low histamine DAO reading on my imupro test in december 2013 however, maybe i have pushed my limit with the amount of meat I was eating. Now I’m wondering what is going on and I will re-do the histamine blood test to confirm if its a histamine problem. I really hope I can eat meat again as neither the doctor or naturopath is quite sure what is going on with that, considering I’m improving on my other results.
I also did some other blood tests for B12 and Folate levels, and they came back good, however my Vitamin D was a bit on the low side so will take a supplement and recommendation to spend 20mins outside in sun per day. I am also waiting on my new CDSA test to come back to determine whether the bacteria klebsiella is still present, or not and I’m hoping its Dead, killed, destroyed as it has caused me so much grief like I have never had in my whole life and doing so much damage to my gut function. So CDSA and Histamine tests to come back and will see how things go. Im hoping by next time i write Leaky Gut Update #10, klebsiella is gone and I can tolerate meat again.

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