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Finally some awesome news!

I have some awesome and great news that the klebsiella spp. Gut bacteria has finally cleared from my new CDSA test. This news is amazing and im so happy as it was a persistant little bastard that ruined my health!

After months and months of bad health due to the leaky gut it caused finally it is gone. The only task now is to continue the healing process for leaky gut and hope I will regain to be myself how i was.. This blog is dedicated to helping anyone else who may have this bacteria. I would especially like to thank Metagenics Bactrex for being a truly awesome product that has helped to eliminate this bacteria.

There is always hope, never give up.


  1. Ella
    Ella January 5, 2017

    How are you feeling now? I m going through same thing..bactrex parex uktra flora digestone etc helicobacter bacteria is gone but i have started having horrible post nasal drip which interfers with breathing. I just want to be normal again.

    • alcatron
      alcatron January 6, 2017

      Hi Ella, its better but still not a 100%. Im still sensitive to chemicals in food and histamine, but its getting better, might take me a while.
      Im actually working now with a integrative doctor as well as naturopath to make sure I am progressing ok.
      I would suggest to you if you could locate a integrative doctor it could help your situation. I have found a naturopath only can go so far, but a integrative doctor in gut function really helps.

      A few months ago I redid my CDSA test, and the klebsiella showed it was back again.. in smaller numbers. Integrative Doctor straight away suggested I use a product called “Interfase Plus” which will help to breakdown the biofilms in Klebsiella. This product is a US only product and they were the only ones able to give and prescribe for me, as the naturopath has no authority ordering/knowing products from overseas.

  2. Charly
    Charly January 15, 2017

    Hi, was glad to read your story as it’s so hard to find any info re klebsiella! I am currently on both parex and bactrex but have found it quite hard with the die off, how many bactrex were you taking a day for best results? Thanks!!

    • alcatron
      alcatron January 15, 2017

      Hi Charly, thanks for the feedback im interested to learn more about your story. What symptoms did you notice at first, did you end up going to any doctors then naturopath?

      I took 2 in the morning and 2 in evening but the herbs alone arent that powerful to totally wipe klebsiella as mine started to grow again. I recently saw a integrative doctor and they prescribed a product “Interfase Plus” which deals with the biofilms from klebsiella. Ive been taking it in parallel to another dose of bactrex and both of them are meant to work effectively.. so i am soon going to get retested to see if it has gone.

      Let me know of your status and how things go.. im really interested in others who went through similar scenarios and treatments so we can all learn from each other.

      • Charly
        Charly January 17, 2017

        My story was quite similar to yours! 6 months ago I got a diarrhoea bug when we were in Fiji on holiday and I haven’t been the same since! Stomach issues, headaches, joint & muscle aches & pains, my whole body is so run down. I now have a stomach ulcer too just the icing on the cake. I have been to regular doctors and also to naturopath for leaky gut treatment.

        • Charly
          Charly January 17, 2017

          Oh I forgot about the horrible brain fog!! I have had so many blood tests etc and on paper I am perfectly healthy but have never felt so unwell in my life it’s unbelievable! So frustrating and I’m not sure what else to try, just feel like giving up

  3. alcatron
    alcatron January 17, 2017

    HI Charly, i know, look I had the same thing in Fiji as you and then all of a sudden this happened, its literally taking me 3 years now almost to recover and still im not 100%.
    But believe me you will feel better, you have to eliminate the klebsiella, this is the cause of the problem, and after a while it can cause leaky gut which explains all your other symptoms.

    Have you had a CDSA test with naturopath? What is the klebsiella count ? Mine initially was 4+ which was really bad, and the beneficial bacteria was low.

    If you still have klebsiella present, I would look online for a product called “Interfase Plus”, it helps eliminate the biofilms caused by klebsiella and allows to breakdown their structure, and using it along with bactrex. This was my integrative Doctors recommendation.

    Also i would recommend not seeing a regular doctor but an integrative doctor. Looking at your post it appears youre from New Zealand. Here is a list of practitioners in NZ:

    Let me know how it goes

    • Charly
      Charly January 17, 2017

      What symptoms were you experiencing? My levels when I was first tested back in august was +1 for klebsiella but I’m guessing it’s multiplied since then!! I also had +1 lactobacillus and bifidiobacterium and +2 colostridium so quite low on several of those beneficial bacteria. I have tried so many things for leaky gut but nothing has worked long term and I’m guessing it won’t til the bad bugs have gone!

  4. alcatron
    alcatron January 17, 2017

    I have recently started eating saurkraut as well which increases the beneficial bacteria, you could try doing the same, apparently it has a lot more than probiotics.

    I started having food intolerance and issues to food, and I lost weight fast.. i lost about 10kg in a month, so it was severe. Started clearing the bug and taking in supplements omega3 fish oil (for inflammation), flaxseed oil, and various vitamins which I didnt have enough.. and slowly it started improving.

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