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Moderna Post-Vaccine Reaction – Part 2

I wanted to give an update in regards to my previous post to taking the moderna vaccine 1st dose. I have improved quite a bit since last update, with some flare ups occuring on and off. Upon having some discussions with my doctor i was referred to a cardiologist, they confirmed the condition i have suffered is pericarditis which is inflammation of the lining surrounding the heart directly caused by the vaccine. They advised recovery progress is good and it will take a bit of time up to 3-4 months to make a recovery. The cardiologist also didnt really know much about the treatments my integrative doctor gave, but thats expected as they practice more of the regular medicine. They advised i should not take another mRNA dose of a vaccine, so I will wait I suppose until the protein based Novavax arrives and try get that as a 2nd dose. Recovery has been slow from pericarditis, and it will take some time to recover. I have noticed I have a bit more stamina now, and less anxiety, and chest area feels better, if i dont lift heavy and push myself too much I have noticed. Hopefully as the healing is progressing i will get back into doing the things I enjoy doing.

Even though some people have probably have never done the alternative therapies my integrative doctor recommended, i am grateful i was able to do these, as I believe these are much better than pharmaceutical drug therapies if they work, and in my case they helped a lot. It costs money, but then again I have to put my health first over everything else. I will for sure be claiming for a vaccine injury with the government in relation to the effect of the mRNA vaccine and what it caused me.

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