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Month: February 2022

Moderna Post-Vaccine Pericarditis Treatment

As you may have read the previous two posts of mine, I am still recovering from 1st dose Moderna injury of Pericarditis. I had it in November and it is taking time to heal, but it’s getting there. What seems to make the pericarditis flare up worser is doing any heavy lifting, or strenuous movement, I’ve had to be totally relaxed and to take it easy. The flareups are annoying and have a dull chest ache, and its difficult to walk, and even swallow at times. This time around ECG does show the pericarditis is there, but all other blood markers are normal, and CT scan is ok also. I have a echocardiogram and an MRI coming up for further looking into. The important thing is to REST, try to have an ORGANIC diet, that is anti-inflammatory to heal the body, and take some supplements to boost the immune system. Try also to have a green smoothie here and there using organic vegetables. This condition reminds me of the time when I had gut issues dealing with Klebsiella, but now its in a different part of the body. One step at a time and I will get there hopefully.

As I am working with an integrative doctor and cardiologist I have found these supplements have are helping a lot and currently this is my daily schedule to help healing and boosting the immune system.

On Empty Stomach – Research Nutritionals – Liposomal Vitamin C CRLA

1 Teaspoon in water and mixed (Will give about 800-900mg Vitamin C) -You can take up 2 x teaspoon per day at opposite side if you need to
Wait 30mins then have breakfast

Afternoon Lunch (Approx 12-1pm):
After Lunch Supplements- 2 x caps Metagenics Fishoil Meta Pure (fish oils to help with inflammation), 1 caps x Dr Mercola Liposomal Vitamin D 5000 UI (vitamin D to boost immune system and help inflammation) , 1 x Swanson Magnesium Orotate (improve heart muscle health, especially orotate magnesium)
After Lunch Prescription. Med by Cardio – Colchine 1 x 500mg Tablet – Wait 20-30mins after supplements after they settle (Colchine is a strong anti-inflammatory to prevent re-recurrent pericarditis episodes – up to 3 months treatment)

Afternoon Snack (3-4pm) : After snack 1 x Thorne Quercetin Phytosome (Strong anti oxidant benefits lungs/heart health)

Dinner (Approx 5pm-7pm):
After Dinner Supplements: 1 x Cap Bioceutical Theracurmin Triple (strong anti inflammatory on natural basis, best curcumin I have ever come across) In bad episodes in pericarditis I was taking 2 per day at opposite times, but 1 is enough at moment.

Approx 8-9pm – 1 cap x Thorne Picmins (A beneficial mineral supplement to boost immune system, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Boron) I felt a difference in inflammation levels everytime I took a Picmins and it helped with energy levels.
Approx 10pm – 11pm – Prescription. Med by Cardio – Colchine 1 x 500mg Tablet (Again an anti-inflammatory to prevent re-current pericarditis – up to 3 months treatment)

Before Bed – 1 cap x Thorne Magnesium Citramate (Benefits the muscles and relaxation and is excellent at making you fall asleep)

This is my current regiment and hopefully after a good amount of rest it will heal, and once it does I definitely will not be taking another mRNA vaccine. I am thinking perhaps Novavax which is protein based I can have. Colchine alone in my opinion is not sufficient to resolve the pericarditis, I believe making it work with the other supplements makes the immune system work better at fully healing it. Anything that’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant works wonders, even green smoothies, double teabag of camomile tea, frozen organic wild blueberrries, organic walnuts, has worked for me reducing inflammation.
Im still grateful I had a chance to do Vitamin C IV earlier on, I think that was super beneficial to just get rid of that initial inflammation, then maintaining it with food/supplements/med later on.

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