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Leaky Gut Update #8

Hello again, my new leaky gut update #8 is the best update so far, Im finally starting to recover after this Klebsiella infection. The Metagenics Bactrex seems to have done a really good job. My weight now is 79.8kg compared to 72 back in January, as well as my fat mass has increased and is optimal now, and im 4kg away from having good muscle again. I have stopped Bactrex for now, and next 2 weeks or so I will be taking 3 x Day Metagenics Ultra Flora Restore probiotics as well as Biomedica Enterocare. I feel i have bit more energy now, and my tongue spots have cleared up, I hope that I do have successfully killed off the bacteria. I will monitor next 2 weeks and if im feeling better and better, will do another CDSA test and see how that goes. I also ended up taking another blood test as well as one which includes ANA for autoimmune antibodies, and this has come back negative  and my blood test was normal.

Things are finally starting to look positive and on the right track , gain of 7kg is pretty impressive over the last 7 months, and sticking to the allowed diet of non reactive foods. I still will now start a process of re-introducing re-active level 1 foods, and see how that goes, which includes red cabbage, pumpkin, buckwheat, brazil nut, pistachio etc.

What a Journey it has been, i hope as the months go by i can fully get back to myself and enjoy the life i used to live!

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Leaky Gut Update #7

Hello again, I finally have some good news after battling this Klebsiella for months, it seems that Metagenics Bactrex has made some difference and I’m feeling a lot better. Red Spots on my tongue have significantly reduced, so I will be taking Bactrex for another month and then redo the CDSA stools test to check the bacteria count. At the moment I’m taking Bactrex in the morning and afternoon, and then Metagenics Ultra Flora Restore 2 probiotics before sleep, as well as Biomedica Enterocare with slippery elm, glutamine, etc to rebuild the gut lining. Along with all of this I’m taking Metagenics Metazinc, Metagenics B12 Folate, Metagenics EPA Fish oil tablets, NFM Professional Magnesium + Calcium.

Diet is important too, sticking with organic vegetables, meat, and rice, sweet potato to what I can tolerate from my list of allowed foods as well as some fruit. I have been advised that I can start to re-introduce level 1 reactive foods, so I will attempt to try Pumpkin and Buckwheat Bread.

My muscle and my weight have increased now to 77kg, previously in my blog when I was at my worst in December 2013, I was 73kg, so a 4kg increase. According to my Metagenics Cellular VLA Health report my muscle is getting back to normal as well as the fat and weight.

Things are looking promising, just Im hoping next CDSA test I do Klebsiella will be gone, and then I will rebuild the gut lining and I should be able to eat more of the foods. Metagenics Bactrex is one very good product.


Leaky Gut Update #6

Im still back at fighting this klebsiella gut infection, Parex seems to have made some difference but to be honest I really do not feel like myself, still have fatigue and low energy, even though i am now taking 2-4 Ultra Flora Restore probiotics per day. Had a appointment with the naturopath today, and now will start taking Metagenics Bactrex for the next 2 weeks. I dont know how much longer I will be taking these herbals, as this has been going on for months now. I just want to feel normal and eat the foods I used to eat, is this so difficult?  How can one gut bacteria like klebsiella be so persistant and difficult to kill of? First Golden Seal, then Parex, now Bactrex, what next ? Come on Klebsiella go away I want my life back and to restore my gut and my health.

I am needing lots of protein to keep my energy levels, and even then i still dont feel that ive got much energy, but I hope really hope i can eliminate this by end of this year, it is only supposed to take 3 months, but its taking me 6 months.

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