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Leaky Gut Update #10 – Histamine Intolerance

It has been a while since I updated my last blog post, however I’ve had a bit of a set back since then. I have developed some kind of histamine intolerance to meat and anything histamine.. so I have had to resort to other protein source foods such as buckwheat flour, flaxseed flour, brown rice protein powder etc. However I do miss my meat and can’t eat it as much.. other wise i get headaches and heart palpitations if it is too old or stayed a day in the fridge. From all the research I have done online it appears i am low in the DAO Enzyme which breaks down histamine foods in the gut. I did try fresh meat and I don’t have a problem, however the same meat the next day becomes  a problem..

I have purchased a product from the US called Histame which is supposed to break down histamine, you take it before a food, I have found it did partially work but not good enough, but i figured it must be the low dosage in the single tablet which only has about 4,000 HDU units, i did try two tablets however still was not much improvement. I will try next a new product Histamine Block which has 20,000 HDU units per tablet and see how this goes with meat. According to them you can take up to 4 tablets before a meal if you are dealing with severe histamine intolerance.  I did come across this PDF which details problematic histamine foods > SIGHI-FoodCompatibilityList_HIT(EN)

Hopefully as I continue to heal the gut this histamine problem will disappear. If anyone has histamine problems please comment and what you have done to make the condition better during leaky gut.

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