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Month: October 2008

WPA/WPA2 no longer safe?

A Russian firm is using the power of NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate WiFi ‘password recovery’ times up to 10,000 percent, with some people saying this means encrypted WiFi is no longer secure. David Hobson, managing director of GSS, claimed that companies can no longer view standards-based WiFi transmission as sufficiently secure against eavesdropping to be used with impunity.

Hmm looks like really we have to start implementing new measures to protect our wireless networks. I currently use WPA2 with a 63 character key, but it seems they want to even go to more depths in securing with VPN/Radius servers as extra measures of security.

Read more at: SC Magazine UK

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Went the other day to a job interview, and it was quite interesting. Was trying to apply more towards a specialised role in the network sector of IT. Had 2 questions come up which stumped me and I never heard of before. They asked what was 802.1X and SFP, and all i could say is 802.1X is a IEEE standard and SFP was some type of module which goes into a cisco switch/router . A few other questions they asked was what VLAN is and how it worked which i managed to explain quite clearly as i have done it in the CCNA training.

Few days passed and I managed to get the role, which I was really happy with. I did some research of what 802.1X and SFP was and managed to come up with this:

802.1X – Port based authentication, which you can setup on a VLAN etc and then have a Radius server which provides you authentication to the network. If you cannot authenticate, you cannot use the network basically, if radius server rejects.

SFP – Optical type transceiver which is plugable into switches/routers etc. They support SONET/Gig Ethernet/Fiber Chanel standards. Apparently they can do up to 4.25Gbits. I am used to the term GBiC when i worked with HP switches, so when SFP popped up was like what was that 😐

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Mobile Phone tones

Well few days ago i got a new Sony Ericsson phone W910i phone from three. Was playing around with what kind of ring tones I could use, started editing a few of my favourite dance/trance tracks.

Have uploaded them if you wish to use them as well 🙂 Currently my favourite is Armin Van Buuren – In and out of love. Links below as mp3:

Armin Van Buuren – If you should go

Armin Van Buuren – In and out of love

Armin Van Buuren – Yet Another Day

Vincent De Moor – Fly Away


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