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Month: March 2015

Histamine Intolerance – So annoying

It has now been 6-7 months since my ability to eat meat has reduced dramatically due to histamine intolerance issues as well as due to leaky gut after a nasty bacteria I had.  It is now March and i still have issues tolerating histamine foods and I dont know how long it will take to eat like I did before. I have noticed that my meat intake has been a bit improved I can only tolerate fresh meat that’s been made but still nothing too old or leftovers I start having symptoms. The fresh meat i have no issues with is chicken and turkey, i can tolerate the free range. too. I miss the life I used to have where I ate everything.. now im eating this super restricted diet last few months and cooking almost everyday and haven’t got the toleration to eat outside.  I re-act to non organic vegetables and fruits still and to processed foods as well as anything else that has high histamine.. or any chemical things added. I wonder how much longer it will take to heal as now its been over a year since I started having all these problems. It has prevented me from going out and traveling which is one of my passions and also trying out new foods. I am stuck in a tight restricted food zone  which i just have to accept for now and hope for the best this tolerance level increases over time.

My muscle weakness is still there sometimes, in my reports i still show signs of inflammation which i think could be causing the issues with histamine, i just pray over time this goes away.