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ACCC Monitoring broadband performance

The Australian Federal Government announced a scheme to bring ISPs to account so that they are providing and provisioning enough bandwidth on the NBN and they have setup a broadband monitoring program. I decided to be part of this program, and I have received a monitoring box from Sam Knows One. SamKnows One is a platform that contains a comprehensive set of tools that allows you to measure and analyse your broadband performance, across fixed, mobile and Wi-Fi services. It has a web-based portal that you can use to analyse your measurement results.

The box records the data, and then ACCC have access to this data as well to determine how well the carrier is giving you the performance.

These are some photos how it looks like, and the web portal how performance is measured etc, its quite useful, so you can keep track of your performance. In my scenario my Telstra 100/40 NBN Fibre service is being measured.

If you would like more info on this program see





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Cacti v1.0 Released!

After many many years, Cacti version 1.0 has been released. It has a lot of features added.
I am yet to try it, but hopefully it will be great. Here are some of the new features:

Important Updates

  • Remote data collectors (Pollers)
  • Network discovery and automation
  • Device management automation
  • Enhanced user, group and domain management
  • User interface enhancements
  • Additional RRDtool graph option support
  • Merged almost 20 plugins into core

Apparently weathermap plugin doesnt work yet with the new version, so will wait and see how it turns out as I quite like the weathermap plugin. Have you tried it yet ? What do you think of it?

Visit official Cacti site to get your hands on a copy.


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8 Years Online

It is to my amazement that I have managed to keep my small blog going for 8 years now. Ever since I started working as a network engineer in 2008 I am still very much involved all things networks related and still have a passion for this area, and everything IT related.

I have gone down the path of specialising more into network management tools and coordinating large projects with engineers and stakeholders and managing from start to finish the implementation works. I still remember my first blog post in 2008 about my first interview for a network role, well thats how quick time flies.

At the moment I have gained excellent knowledge and operations of the open source king of network tools – Cacti, Cacti Weathermap, Netdisco v1 and v2. As well as this I have used Ipswitch Whatsup Gold extensively.  I believe tools such as these (and there is many out there) are critical in any network support environment if you need to track bandwidth, speed, where servers/pcs are connected, and how healthy the network is. If you need assistance with these tools in setting up or tweaking to your environment send me an email and i’ll see what I can do 🙂

Happy 2017 🙂

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