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Month: May 2013

DIFM Vocal Trance Favorites

I have been listening to my classic set of DIFM Vocal Trance music, and I figured I would post them up on my blog so here they are and hope you enjoy. Click Here

I find trance and vocal trance is such awesome music to listen to after a hard day at work, or if you are trying to think of something else and relax your mind.

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Cisco opens up EIGRP protocol

Another news I saw today, im only 3 months late with hearing this, but it appears Cisco is opening up their EIGRP protocol to other vendors.. now how long until Juniper and HP bring in EIGRP to their gear only time will tell..

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Packets dropped on Cisco ASA

If you see packets dropped on a Cisco ASA and the output is increasing, apparently according to Cisco this is normal as the ASA is processing packets and rejecting whats not part of your firewall rule set.

Cisco Mentions that

“The packets dropped counter in the show interface command output from the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) represents all dropped packets on the interface. This counter includes all security related packet drops. It is expected that this counter will always increment on a production ASA. Again, it is normal and expected for the packet dropped counter to increase on a regular basis.” As seen in the following document pdc-show-output
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