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Month: January 2013

APC PowerChute Business Edition v9.1 for Windows

I have been using for a while APC UPS’s and their business edition software to monitor the status and get different reports from my UPS’s. I use the APC VA1500’s, and to my surprise I came accross the 9.1 version update on their website and installed it and runs quite well. This version runs on Windows 2003/XP/7 etc. I did find the APC FTP server quite slow, so I have mirrored the software on my server for anyone wishing to get their hands on PowerChute Business Edition v9.1. It is available here


Netdisco 1.1 & H3C/HP Support

I have not posted anything for a long time on my little blog site, and I will try post some more as I get time. The post for 2013 which got me excited, is the Netdisco open source network management tool is now at version 1.1, and with talking to the developers of SNMP Info & Netdisco, the new SNMP Info 3.0 Development version in the sourceforge GIT repositry now has updates supporting new flavours of HP & H3C switches, which allows you to view connected devices to each port, with hostname etc. Another BIG thanks for the support of the netdisco development crew. More information on the HP/H3C development is here SNMP Info is used by netdisco, to grab SNMP data from devices and interpret it into the netdisco application.

The SNMP Info GIT repositry is at and it describes changes made to each file and fixes/support etc.

Along with this there is also a Netdisco 1.2 sitting in the GIT depositry, however i have not yet tried it. Netdisco 2 Development is there too, however its a little while off before its released, but it does have a cool new front end. More information on Netdisco 2 is here



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