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Month: October 2016

Improving Hyper-V Windows Virtual Machine Network Performance

I have a webserver on a Hyper-V platform as a virtual machine running Windows 2012 Server, and what I noticed was how poor network performance was on long distance networks due to the way TCP works. Local traffic performed optimal, however anything greater to a destination 100ms+ latency , network throughput suffered.

I managed to discover a tweak on the actual Hyper-V Network Adapter on the virtual machine by adjusting the send and receive buffers. I found that a “Receive Buffer Size” 16MB and “Send Buffer Size” 8MB was optimal and significantly improved network performance on response time and single threaded downloads from the webserver. I have included the below images to assist in making the changes and locating this.
HyperV NIC
I hope someone finds this useful and it also improves your virtual machine network performance!

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