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Cisco 3560X Switch

I managed to get my hands on the new 3560X model switch from Cisco. This is a new switch from cisco with the “X” branding. Ive noticed it operates much quieter than its previous counterpart, and has lots of new features such as, redundant power supplies, power sharing, 10GB uplink modules, replaceable fans, USB/Ethernet Console. In the the previous model you would get 4x1GB Uplinks, however in the X version you have to buy the module separately, and also you can buy the 10GB module which is awesome 🙂 The switch comes with a universal IOS, default is IP base, so if you want the advanced IP services you have to enter a license key, another new system from cisco. Buying the modules and license keys for versions = more money for them. For more info please see

Ive decided to take a few pics of the switch below, it looks quite nice but a high price tag as you would expect from Cisco. Im still yet to try a 3750X hopefully soon 🙂