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Imupro 300 & Leakygut

During the past couple of months I have been feeling unwell personally  and suffering all kinds of weird symptoms from fatigue, tiredness, no energy and I was noticing I was getting weird feelings after eating food. I shared this feeling with my friends and family and they thought it was in my mind that food could not be possibly be making me sick. At first I believed this and I started getting more and more anxious about eating and what I ate and if I was going to feel tired, have a panic attack, bloated or simply just unwell. I went to the doctor the first time and mentioned my  symptoms  and he said from my previous blood tests from a few months ago everything was fine and I should relax not stress out and pray and believe in god, and thats it..! Well I couldn’t believe it at first, so I followed him. A few more weeks later passed and I kept getting worse and worse after eating food, I had intense salt cravings and sugar cravings, panic attacks, unable to sleep even if i was so tired, unable to concentrate, weak to talk, or simply do anything was really difficult. I saw the doctor again, he took blood tests again for blood, inflammation ESR, and thyroid, everything came back normal and only suggestion he could make is to make an appointment with a specialist for allergies and that could take a couple of months!! THIS was not good enough as I was getting and feeling more sicker and sicker.

I took matters into my own hands and with the power of google I looked up about allergies and different types. Considering I was never allergic to anything, how all of a sudden I could be so allergic to everything now and food?! It seemed crazy!
I came across a website “ImuPro” and how they offered special allergy tests of Type3 nature, the ones which take a while to happen over time. I read many details about this test on their website and I was amazed and what kind of detail they could give me from this test reading the testimonials. So I decided to purchase their “ImuPro 300” test which covered 271 foods and also their “Histamine ” test as I was simply getting fed up and no one having any ideas what was going on with me, as I knew it was something to do with food. The test costed about $900 Australian Dollars, and in my opinion it is worth every penny considering the amount of suffering I was in.
I went and got my blood out at a clinic, this then was sent to Sydney and then to Germany for it to be analysed on specialised machines for food reactions. I waited for 2-3 weeks for the results to come and I couldn’t wait until they did!

After the tests came, I was shocked and amazed what they came back with. Out of the 271 foods I had 49 allergies with worst being Milk and Eggs. I had to then implement a strict diet rotating the foods I can eat every 4 days so that I don’t eat the same food everyday incase I develop a new allergy. I tried doing this, however I was still feeling unwell, but little bit better. I then researched and decided to see a Naturopath as I personally believed after extensive online research that I had the “Leaky Gut Syndrome” which was contributing to all of this.

I ended up seeing a Naturopath and I was so glad I did, and they too believed I was suffering from the leaky gut. I tried a Zinc taste test in my mouth, and I could not taste the zinc at all, it was like water. They did a bio impedance test which NASA use before they send astronauts to space. After this test was performed it showed I lost a lot of muscle, had severe inflammation and that the allergies have been making me feel simply terrible and could in future contribute to auto-immune diseases. I had lost about 8kg of weight in the period of 5-6 months .They immediately prescribed various supplements from the “Metagenics” brand to improve my health and  cool down the inflammation. I was given the following:
– Metagenics EnergyX Powder (Powder to mix in water, has magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, selenium, zinc) to support fatigue and lethargy
– Metagenics EPA/DHA Omega 3 Fish capsules to calm down the inflammation ( This is a top quality fish oil with no mercury)
– Metagenics MetaZinc, for added Zinc support and healthy immune system
– Metagen B12 Folate, Essential B vitamins to support immune system and stress
– Matrix Protect Al , specific phelodendron herb to support immune system against autoimmunity and bacteria
– NeuroCalm, To support calmness and anti stress and easy sleep
– Organic Flaxseed Oil – (1-2 Tablespoon) per day to cool down the inflammation

As well as this I was advised to take lab tests for stool analysis, intestinal permeability, and adrenal glands saliva levels. I have sent these tests and Im still awaiting to see if any bacteria could have caused these issues I have experienced and should have the results soon. The naturopath,tests and supplements ended up costing me more than $600, but the price is well worth it.

After I started taking the supplements and implementing the ImuPro300 food rotation plan, I became to feel like a different person and I am getting better everyday with more energy and able to perform normal day to day tasks. I have to cook everything from scratch and buy organic produce and completely avoid sugar, alcohol and processed food until this settles. In my report the naturopath says i should be able to eat the foods in reactions 1 & 2 column of the Imupro 300 report in about 2 months as we treat this.
In my report my histamine levels were low and were also contributing sometimes to my anxiety and stress levels being really high, and because of this I was given B vitamins to try help increase these levels to normality as the leaky gut they believe was depleting my mineral levels, i was unable to absorb foods properly and my body was attacking itself.

I know this is a long post in my blog and particularly dedicated towards Health and wellbeing, however for me this was a very important discovery for myself and probably for anyone else out there which may be experiencing similar issues and they wish to investigate. I will keep you up to date on my progress how I improve with my Naturopath and the diet.

I have attached a copy of my ImuPro 300 report so you can see how detailed this test is, and I would recommend for anyone to fully getting it done, if you start experiencing any of the issues as I have. The doctors were really not helpful and I just simply had to take matters into my own hands.

To locate your nearest ImuPro partner who is able to performed these food allergy tests please see this link
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Take a look at my report