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Tag: cisco 877 tips

Some more Cisco 877 Tips…

Need to know what your dsl sync stats are and more details about the link?

cisco877>sh dsl int

Or as in my case improving the attenuation on the upstream by 3dB..we can modify the gain tx-offset value to 3

Enter exec mode:

cisco877#conf t
cisco877(config)#int atm0
cisco877(config-if)#dsl gain-setting tx-offset 3

To show ppooe uptime on the session:

Look at the active time column

cisco877#sh caller

To show logs on the modem to see activity:

cisco877#sh log

Need to troubleshoot pppoe events, atm, errors, and see more detail, simply issue..

cisco877#debug pppoe events
cisco877#debug pppoe errors
cisco877#debug atm events
cisco877#debug atm errors

These details will then be logged into the log file as above. To remove the debugging simply issue the no statement at the front.

If you have any more tips,hints, recommendations, please comment below 🙂