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Cisco VPN Client x64 now available!

Cisco has finally got their act together and released a x64 version of their VPN client to be used on Vista/Windows 7. About Time!…I just tested it and works well 🙂 The following is available:

Release Date: 13/Apr/2010
VPN Client Software for x86 64-bit version of Vista/Windows 7 – Microsoft Installer
Size: 4898.00 KB  (5015552 bytes)

And the x86 as well of course:

Release Date: 13/Apr/2010
VPN Client Software for x86 32-bit version of XP/Vista/Windows 7 – Microsoft Installer
Size: 7814.00 KB  (8001536 bytes)

They would probably kill me if I mirrored it on here, im sure you guys can grab a copy of it from somewhere 🙂


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Cisco VPN Client 64bit

Can you believe that Cisco do not make a 64bit version of their VPN client??! Ive had to install Windows XP in a Vmware session to use VPN, how insane is that! Cmon Cisco get moving with the times…

If anyone has a way around to getting the Cisco VPN Client working on Vista Ultimate 64bit please let me know! 🙂