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How much damage can gut bacteria do?

As you know from my previous posts the damage done from the klebsiella gut bacteria is not instant, but it is there silent and slowly killing you and your health and you have no idea what is going on (same as other bad gut bacterias), and no doctor willing to help you , simply saying you are fine by your blood results until you go see a alternative medicine practitioner.  I was eating and eating , but my weight was dropping and had no idea what was going on until i saw a naturopath. Here below is my weight/fat/ levels since when this started in December 2013 to go for the worst, but I estimate the bacteria was present since March 2013 when I went to Fiji and got some food poisoning, and slowly its been doing gut damage until it went for the worst by December 2013.

The Aim is to get to the Ideal range:
Ideal Weight: 77.40KG 
Ideal Fat Mass: 13.16kg
Ideal Active Tissue Mass: 39.47

12th December 2013: (Initial Appointment with Naturopath)
Weight: 76.10kg
Fat Mass: 12.40kg
Active Tissue Mass: 35.21kg

19th December 2013: (2nd appointment within 1 week later I dropped almost 2kg in weight, and decrease of muscle mass)

Weight: 74.90kg
Fat Mass: 12.54kg
Active Tissue Mass: 34.41kg

9th January 2014: ( I lost another 2kg of weight 3 weeks later no idea what bacteria was causing it, until the CDSA came back, i was eating 1kg of meat per day but weight was dropping)
Weight: 72.80kg
Fat Mass: 11.07kg
Active Tissue Mass: 33.95kg

3rd February 2014:(This was when i started taking golden seal to kill off the bacteria, weight started picking up, probably killing the pathogens and i was able to absorb more nutrients)
Weight: 73.60kg
Fat Mass: 10.96kg
Active Tissue Mass: 34.30kg

3rd March 2014:
Weight: 73.10kg
Fat Mass: 10.48kg
Active Tissue Mass: 34.73kg

3rd April 2014:
Weight: 74.70kg
Fat Mass: 11.06kg
Active Tissue Mass: 35.45kg

17th April 2014:
Weight: 75.30kg
Fat Mass: 12.11kg
Active Tissue Mass: 34.98kg

30th May 2014: (When i started to take bactrex by Metagenics, noticed dramatic improvement in absorption rate of nutrients, probably killing off klebsiella, and ended up gaining 1kg of muscle, probably due to the large amount of steak i was eating)
Weight: 76.20kg
Fat Mass: 12.95kg
Active Tissue Mass: 36.00kg

1st July 2014: (achieved perfect fat mass, increase 3kg weight, thanks metagenics bactrex)
Weight: 79.20kg
Fat Mass: 13.37kg
Active Tissue Mass: 36.72kg

8th August 2014: (Good results again)
Weight: 81.10kg
Fat Mass: 14.72kg
Active Tissue Mass: 36.81kg

28th August 2014: (Good results again)
Weight: 81.00kg (above ideal)
Fat Mass: 14.82kg (above ideal)
Active Tissue Mass: 36.98kg (getting close to ideal 39.47kg)

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Leaky Gut Update #8

Hello again, my new leaky gut update #8 is the best update so far, Im finally starting to recover after this Klebsiella infection. The Metagenics Bactrex seems to have done a really good job. My weight now is 79.8kg compared to 72 back in January, as well as my fat mass has increased and is optimal now, and im 4kg away from having good muscle again. I have stopped Bactrex for now, and next 2 weeks or so I will be taking 3 x Day Metagenics Ultra Flora Restore probiotics as well as Biomedica Enterocare. I feel i have bit more energy now, and my tongue spots have cleared up, I hope that I do have successfully killed off the bacteria. I will monitor next 2 weeks and if im feeling better and better, will do another CDSA test and see how that goes. I also ended up taking another blood test as well as one which includes ANA for autoimmune antibodies, and this has come back negative  and my blood test was normal.

Things are finally starting to look positive and on the right track , gain of 7kg is pretty impressive over the last 7 months, and sticking to the allowed diet of non reactive foods. I still will now start a process of re-introducing re-active level 1 foods, and see how that goes, which includes red cabbage, pumpkin, buckwheat, brazil nut, pistachio etc.

What a Journey it has been, i hope as the months go by i can fully get back to myself and enjoy the life i used to live!

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Lipopolysaccharides from Bad Gut Bacteria

I came across an interesting video on youtube which exactly explains how bad gut bacteria has an impact on your health. Also I am still in progress of removing Klebsiella.. using Parex and Goldenseal at the moment will see how it goes.

On a brighter note, I made myself an order for a new Cisco AP 1602E to try it out, will post later about it when I receive it 🙂

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