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Tag: hair mineral

Leaky Gut Update #5

Well as you all know I have been dealing with leaky gut issues for a few months now, as i mentioned in my previous post the aim was to kill or reduce the klebsiella overgrowth in my gut which was causing food intolorance, malabsorption, mood changes etc etc.

I tried using Golden Seal however according to my new stool test it didnt even make a dent in the numbers and they are staying the same. My naturepath was a bit surprised they didnt come down. They suggested Metagenics Parex as a trial now to see how that goes. Also I was unable to tolerate Metagenics Gtox and I am unable to tolerate EnergyX anymore either because i would feel so weird in the head and like i would faint. I was then given Metagenics Glutagenics to trial however I was unable to tolerate this either due to rapid heartbeat and weird chest sensations. My immune system seems to be very sensitive at the moment. We wanted to find out why I couldnt tolerate the products and I did a hair mineral analysis test which showed i had higher level of potassium and sodium in my system which was quite stimulating. Those products contained them. I was then swapped to another product Biomedica Enterocare which contains prebiotics, probiotics, slippery elm and glutamine which i could tolerate fine. My hair mineral report showed i also have some adrenal fatigue and to support the adrenals i was given metagenics thyrocalm to trial.

Of course this whole situation would be making me feel anxious, going already for a few months, my diet staying the same and klebsiella numbers not reducing. Is Metagenics Parex the next solution? This bacteria is so complicated and hard to remove as they create biofilms and become resistant to treatments overtime as i read online.  So now its April and ive still not managed to progress to kill or reduce this overgrowth. Its giving me anxiety, its hard to socialise, hard to think, taking always supplements, not to mention a crazy appetite with a hunger for meat and meat or my body feels weak. Every meal consists of meat, rice, vegetables.  I look at myself a year ago to now and i feel completly different, like somone else is living inside me or controlling me. People say I look fine on the outside but on the inside im suffering.

The naturopath advised they will call the head of stool analysis and discuss my case in further detail, im hoping they have some solution.

Maybe somone online has some tips on removing klebsiella overgrowth and what they did? There has to be a way to remove this beast im just overwhelmed by how complex this is becoming.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please comment and let me know.