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Leaky Gut Update #11

Well here we are at update 11 of the leaky gut story.. and im still trying to heal from the damage klebsiella have done. For about the last 4 months i developed some kind of histamine intolerence and still to this date I have histamine issues with meat which im still trying to figure out why and how to improve it. After months and months of mainly eating meat it seems my bucket has really quite overflowed.

This for me creates a problem as im unable to have that much meat unless it is very fresh. Another thing showing in my reports is my gut inflammation levels are not going down and still staying similar however food intolerences have improved. I just dont know how to get this histamine under control as its been going for a while. Organic Brown Rice protein powder has been my savour while having issues with meat, as well as lots of vegtables and fruit.

Some say avoid grains if you want the gut to heal..however what do i eat if I cannot have grains or meat, or beans a very limited diet with no options . My meals are mainly based around vegtables, sweetpotato, and ground flax, with some fruits, as well as organic brown rice protein powder at the moment. On occasion breast chicken or turkey depending on toleration.

I also got delivery of the seeking health histamine block, however even taking 2-3 of these tablets still does not help with the meat problem and histamine.. which means my gut in quite a bad shape and still time to go until healing.

Even now i’m feeling grains/nuts are becoming bit hard to tolerate..

Has anyone else been in this same situation?  How do you do a Paleo and low histamine diet? Im barely able to function sometimes on this diet and just cannot believe the complexity again how this is becoming especially considering that the bacteria has been cleared from the last test report.

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