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Next Step to Defeat Klebsiella!

I received a interesting update today from the naturopath I am seeing and was advised the following:

I have just spoken the head of the tech dept. of testing. We reviewed your case together. They say that it is not uncommon to have a lot of trouble clearing the Klebsiella. Their experience is that Golden Seal is the most powerful and the next option is thyme oil. They recommend combining the treatment to make it more effective. The best thyme oil source is Metagenics Parex, which you have now. So I suggest you use both the Parex and the Golden Seal together at the same dose as each was on individually. I also think it may work even better if you stop the EnteroCare while doing this.

I am amazed that this bacteria is so difficult to remove so using Golden Seal and Metagenics Parex will be the next option. Wish me luck.

On another note I came across this today;

“Other Enterobacteriaceae spp such as the Klebsiella, Citrobacter, and Enterobacter include species which are oportunistic pathogens. They may occur at low levels as part of the normal intestinal flora.  However, there is always a susceptible portion of the human population, and ingestion of these organisms may result in illness. Because they mainly cause sporadic illness that are not as easily identifiable as outbreaks, their true incidence of illness remains unrecognised and under-reported.”

Which makes me think why me? I will kill and destroy you Klebsiella and take my life back to normal!

I should have never gone to Fiji, never would have gotten food poisoning, and never issues with this bacteria, its exactly 1 year now, lesson to be learnt, keep your gut healthy.


What is Klebsiella?

Klebsiella (klebsiella spp) is a bacteria which recently I myself have been infected with.  It is an important cause of nonsocomial infections. The organism is surrounded by a capsule which is reflected by the characteristic mucoid colonies, enhancing their resistance to adverse conditions and antibiotics.

Klebsiella infection is associated with reactive arthritis and known to cross react with the HLA-B27 antigen in patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis. It is proposed that antibodies are produced by the body to neutralise the antigens produced by Klebsiella. These antibody/ immune complexes may be absorbed through the lining of the kidney, liver, and lymphatic systems. In some individuals this results in inflammatory responses in any joint, producing the inflammation, pain, deformity and other symptoms of AS.

Klebsiella is also common in urinary tract infections and thrives in individuals on a high starch diet.  This is why I am also reducing my diet in less starch and sugar as I believe this will further feed them, and taking the Metagenics Matrix Protect AI with hops and phellodendron, with zinc and selenium to prevent the autoimmune issues from developing and putting a stop to it. It is also believed that fructooligosacchrides (FOS) may feed this bacteria which includes food as onions, asparagus, oats, beer, bananas, rye, chicory root, leeks, tomato, burdock

Natural  Treatments for Klebsiella and elimination include – Golden Seal, Garlic, Citrus Seed Extract

Pharmaceutical considerations appear not to be effective as this species is resistant to multiple antibiotics.

Well there you have it.. hope this provides some further information about it, as I am keen to eliminate this beast!

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