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Finally some awesome news!

I have some awesome and great news that the klebsiella spp. Gut bacteria has finally cleared from my new CDSA test. This news is amazing and im so happy as it was a persistant little bastard that ruined my health!

After months and months of bad health due to the leaky gut it caused finally it is gone. The only task now is to continue the healing process for leaky gut and hope I will regain to be myself how i was.. This blog is dedicated to helping anyone else who may have this bacteria. I would especially like to thank Metagenics Bactrex for being a truly awesome product that has helped to eliminate this bacteria.

There is always hope, never give up.


Leaky Gut Update #6

Im still back at fighting this klebsiella gut infection, Parex seems to have made some difference but to be honest I really do not feel like myself, still have fatigue and low energy, even though i am now taking 2-4 Ultra Flora Restore probiotics per day. Had a appointment with the naturopath today, and now will start taking Metagenics Bactrex for the next 2 weeks. I dont know how much longer I will be taking these herbals, as this has been going on for months now. I just want to feel normal and eat the foods I used to eat, is this so difficult?  How can one gut bacteria like klebsiella be so persistant and difficult to kill of? First Golden Seal, then Parex, now Bactrex, what next ? Come on Klebsiella go away I want my life back and to restore my gut and my health.

I am needing lots of protein to keep my energy levels, and even then i still dont feel that ive got much energy, but I hope really hope i can eliminate this by end of this year, it is only supposed to take 3 months, but its taking me 6 months.

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