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Leaky Gut Update #7

Hello again, I finally have some good news after battling this Klebsiella for months, it seems that Metagenics Bactrex has made some difference and I’m feeling a lot better. Red Spots on my tongue have significantly reduced, so I will be taking Bactrex for another month and then redo the CDSA stools test to check the bacteria count. At the moment I’m taking Bactrex in the morning and afternoon, and then Metagenics Ultra Flora Restore 2 probiotics before sleep, as well as Biomedica Enterocare with slippery elm, glutamine, etc to rebuild the gut lining. Along with all of this I’m taking Metagenics Metazinc, Metagenics B12 Folate, Metagenics EPA Fish oil tablets, NFM Professional Magnesium + Calcium.

Diet is important too, sticking with organic vegetables, meat, and rice, sweet potato to what I can tolerate from my list of allowed foods as well as some fruit. I have been advised that I can start to re-introduce level 1 reactive foods, so I will attempt to try Pumpkin and Buckwheat Bread.

My muscle and my weight have increased now to 77kg, previously in my blog when I was at my worst in December 2013, I was 73kg, so a 4kg increase. According to my Metagenics Cellular VLA Health report my muscle is getting back to normal as well as the fat and weight.

Things are looking promising, just Im hoping next CDSA test I do Klebsiella will be gone, and then I will rebuild the gut lining and I should be able to eat more of the foods. Metagenics Bactrex is one very good product.


Leaky Gut – Update #3

As I posted previously if you have read my posts, the last couple of months I have not been feeling myself, no energy, weird reactions with food and mood changes. I finally discovered what the cause was a few weeks ago that klebsiella spp. was present in the stool specimen and was causing all kinds of problems. Also it reduced my beneficial bacteria and did so many other things, as it was present in the stool with 3+. See below image for specimen.


In my previous post I mentioned I will take Goldenseal by Mediherb (60tablets) two tablets per day for the next 4 weeks to eliminate klebsiella , and I have been taking it, and I have been feeling much better and more energy. When I take Metagenics Matrix Protect AI to protect against auto-immunity and Golden Seal I immediately feel relief in my muscles and body energy doesn’t feel weak as I believe these two products have a strong anti microbial and anti inflammatory effect on the body and tissues. Sometimes when I took GoldenSeal I would get the most weirdest sensations/body feelings as I believe this was killing the bacteria, and I was having bowel movements everyday which was good.

I have a few more tablets left of Goldenseal and then after this I will take Metagenics Ultra Flora Restore Dairy free for 2 weeks to populate the gut with beneficial bacteria due to the damage caused by klebsiella. This should also help with my food absorption of vitamins  from food etc. After using this for 2 weeks, I will again use Goldenseal for 4 weeks to further eliminate klebsiella, as this bacteria is fairly aggressive and its very hard to get rid of as I was advised. It is resistant to antibiotics and Golden Seal is my savior so far. After taking Golden Seal for the 2nd time I will use probiotics again and get another stool test to confirm klebsiella is eliminated, which I will be so happy when it is, because it has caused me so many problems.

I will provide further updates with my progress in eliminating this bacteria and being myself again.

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