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ACCC Monitoring broadband performance

The Australian Federal Government announced a scheme to bring ISPs to account so that they are providing and provisioning enough bandwidth on the NBN and they have setup a broadband monitoring program. I decided to be part of this program, and I have received a monitoring box from Sam Knows One. SamKnows One is a platform that contains a comprehensive set of tools that allows you to measure and analyse your broadband performance, across fixed, mobile and Wi-Fi services. It has a web-based portal that you can use to analyse your measurement results.

The box records the data, and then ACCC have access to this data as well to determine how well the carrier is giving you the performance.

These are some photos how it looks like, and the web portal how performance is measured etc, its quite useful, so you can keep track of your performance. In my scenario my Telstra 100/40 NBN Fibre service is being measured.

If you would like more info on this program see





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