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Netdisco 1.0

Well I just stumbled accross that Netdisco 1.0 will come out soon!! Nice! It will be a long due upgrade since 0.95 came out back in 2006.

So far here are a few of the updates mentioned in the new release as taken from the website…

SNMP::Info 2.01 Released in anticipation of Netdisco 1.0
This release, in anticipation of the upcoming 1.0 release of Netdisco, fixes a number of bugs and adds support for a number of new device classes and MIBs

netdisco-mibs 0.7 Released
This release of netdisco-mibs is in anticipation of the upcoming Netdisco 1.0 release. The RFC, Cisco, Net-SNMP and HP trees have been updated to the newest mibs available on June 5, 2009.

More news to come as 1.0 rolls in.. 🙂

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