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Samsung 4K UHDTV Clips

I was browsing the other day around the web and came across some very impressive Samsung UHDTV Video Clips, the quality is just jawdropping at the amount of detail in the sample videos. These clips are designed to be played on Samsung UHDTV’s to demo just how good UHDTV is. UHDTV is basically Ultra High Definition TV which has 4 x better quality over HDTV. The files I was not able to get to work in VLC, however i did manage to get them working on Cyberlink PowerDVD15 which is the latest version. UHDTV use very large file sizes, 2minutes of video is about 700mb! I have put some of the videos on my site for your viewing pleasure to view what UHDTV is all about!

My favorite clip is the one from Dubai, simply stunning!

Download Here

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