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Show Configuration on Juniper simplistic view

On Juniper devices usually you issue  “show configuration” which displays the configuration file how the device is configured as per below:

root@alcatron-switch> show configuration
## Last commit: 2013-01-11 14:14:58 UTC by root
version 11.4R1.6;
system {
    host-name alcatron-switch;
    root-authentication {
        encrypted-password “$1$GJroMRrQ$.UkiU”; ## SECRET-DATA
    syslog {
        user * {
            any emergency;
        file messages {
            any notice;
            authorization info;
        file interactive-commands {
            interactive-commands any;

This is completely different compared to the cisco equivalent, to make things easier in a simplistic view similar to cisco simply issue “show configuration | display set” and voila everything is set out much neater and easy to copy and paste.

root@alcatron-switch> show configuration | display set
set version 11.4R1.6
set system host-name alcatron-switch
set system root-authentication encrypted-password “$1$GJroMRrQ$.UkiU”
set system services
set system syslog user * any emergency
set system syslog file messages any notice
set system syslog file messages authorization info
set system syslog file interactive-commands interactive-commands any

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