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Moderna Post-Vaccine Reaction

Hi All, i have not written anything for a while on my blog because sometimes it requires effort to try think of things to write and it takes time, but I will try get to writing a bit more often.My blog is focused on gut health (to the nightmare SIBO klebsiella bacteria which I have overcome) and IT networking technology field which I work on and have a great passion towards.

Since 2013/2014 when my gut health issues started,I have rebuilt my immune system to try make it stronger to withstand the effects Covid will bring and since 2013 I have been mostly 95% eating an organic diet, learnt cooking, and researching food and working with my doctor to better my immune system. It has been a difficult time while also working and planning in advance what you will cook.

For almost 2 years Covid has ravaged the world and caused so many deaths and inconvenienced many people and the travel industry. As with all the vaccines going around these days to protect yourself from covid I decided to get the Moderna vaccine. I have not had covid yet, but I made the choice to protect myself. I had two choices Pfizer or the Moderna, and I chose the later because after all the reading I did to me it looked that it was more effective vaccine over time.

On November 1, 2021 i took the Moderna vaccine hoping that I would be fine, and that it’s just another vaccine to further protect myself. After I ended up getting the vaccine, i got the usual hot and colds chills, and sore arm etc, however I also started having strange chest sensations tightness on and off, and strange kind of tight feelings towards the left side of chest where the heart is located.
I also started getting heart palpitations and fluttering on and off and I did not know where this was coming from, and even walking was an effort as i would get tired. These kinds of feelings on and off and not feeling so well had me on edge, and caused me so much anxiety and almost panic attacks.
I needed to drink up to 4 camomile tea’s per day to calm myself and feel normal.

Before i took the vaccine i saw my regular integrative GP which I have worked so hard on my gut health for the past 6 years and they recommended I do a pre and post vaccine protocol by Dr Debbie Hamilton, which includes a few supplements from the company Researched Nutritionals. You can check here for more info

I noticed when i took the supplements i felt slightly better with the chest/heart area, and when i took my greenjuices or anything that was healthy and non-inflammatory that it relieved some of the chest and area around the heart. I was very worried that i had a case of heart inflammation with the many cases i read online from the mRNA covid vaccines and it was an inflammatory reaction that I was feeling.

I decided to see just a regular local GP for a checkup 2 days later. We tested my heart rate, was normal, blood pressure normal, and oxygen levels 98% normal, and then we even did a ECG test, and this came back normal as well. Basically there was no explanation to what I was feeling, and they mentationed its just my anxiety and stress over the vaccine, but I knew it wasnt as I did not feel this before and this is something new post-vaccine.

I then decided to book another appointment with my integrative GP, which costs more compared to a regular GP, but if i am unwell, I will just pay to get better as I needed to. I felt i was falling apart and no one had a clue what was going on, similar to the gut story which started in 2013, which i literally googled my symptoms finding a naturopath as no normal doctor couldnt help, then eventually finding a very good gut health integrative GP to work with long term.

In my appointment I mentioned how I was feeling and what the vaccine did and I was very worried and had no idea how to even take the 2nd dose. They said that I have suffered a post vaccine injury and the feelings i am experiencing are related to inflammation. The vaccine caused the inflammation around chest/heart area and is causing to what I am feeling. They recommended if I want to get over it fast, I needed to get on a Vitamin C IV at least 15 Grams, with gluthione to heal the damage it has caused. This means going to a clinic and having a drip put inside your arm with Vitamin C and gluthione to boost the immune system and aid in healing, and lower the inflammation. As well as this they recommended I get a Vitamin D shot 300,000 IU to best protect and modulate my immune system from post vaccine injury. They based this recommendation, that my Vitamin D level was only around 65 nmol/L from my past blood results, and i really needed to be 100-150 for strong immunity. I have been trying for many years to get my vitamin D to a level above 100, but it has been really difficult, and have tried so many supplements but my gut just doesnt want to absorb as much Vit D for the levels that I require. As well as this to take regular fish oils, and a curcumin supplement. The recommended was Metagenics MetaPure (2 capsules twice daily) and Bioceutitcals Theracurmin (1 capsule twice daily) to help bring down the inflammation.

I had no other options to make myself better than to go ahead with the Vitamin C IV and Vit D shot, or I will end up suffering with aches and pains whenever i move or try to do even basic things. This took me back in memory, when klebsiella gut bacteria made me suffer so much and I knew i could not let this happen again and I needed to fix this.

Straight after our appointment I booked a drip session at a local centre with all the things that i needed at my own cost the very next day.I was put on the drip, which takes around 45minutes to do and go through your body, I noticed the body was healing slowly, and inflammation began to go down and i started feeling better, as well as the Vitamin D shot. The integrative dr recommended i do this session at least 3-4 times over a period of 2 weeks to fully heal the wound around the area where the inflammation is occuring.
As well as this, i also did various blood tests, Full blood count, biochemistry, CRP, ESR, CK, Troponin, D-Dimer, and ALL tests came back normal, this meant all blood tests including ECG, blood pressure was normal. They mentioned the inflammation i am feeling and showing wont reflect in the blood results as that takes time to show up, by then the damage would have been done.

I can say before and after the Vitamin C + gluthione IV, i feel ALOT better and more myself and calm and no anxiety that i was feeling. No heart fluttering, no heart palpitations, no chest tightness or pains. This was hidden inflammation that the vaccine caused and which I was feeling, and almost like a wound which the Vitamin C will work and heal. This same case reminds me of my gut story, the klebsiella caused hidden inflammation in the gut, which caused food sensitivies and mineral deficencies which in term caused anxiety, and panic attacks, and various other things.

Based on my above experience the root cause of all health issues comes down to inflammation, and especially hidden inflammation. Once you set inflammation off it starts doing damage to your body unless you find the root cause and work with doctors, and should i especially say integrative doctors (which deal with natural + pharmaceutical medicine) that can help treat the cause, rather than patch it with bandaids like the other types of doctors that rely only on pharamceuticals and drugs.

I will share as part of this post a very interesting video which a professor Ian Brighthope was interviewed on natural immunity and post virus/injection care.
This video goes for about 42 minutes, but I urge you to watch it, and it opened my eyes to the scenario I went through. He mentiones post vaccine injury Vitamin C + D are critical to aid in the recovery.

As well as this , if my Vitamin D level was above 120 to begin with, I might have not suffered a post vaccine injury, but none the less, having used IV therapy and treatment I was able to recover from the injury. I have confidence going into my 2nd Moderna shot scheduled 29th November that I will be able to take it, as I have boosted my immune system, and I will continue to do a IV session before and after to keep the inflammation at bay.

I will update my blog to how I continue to feel during my IV therapies, following the Researched Nutritionals supplement products after I have had the 2nd Moderna shot, which will be very interesting.
I feel anxious going into and doing the 2nd Moderna shot, but my Dr says I should be ok.

This is probably one of the longest posts I have done, but I wanted to make people aware, that post vaccine injury is a real thing, even tho results show normal, you may not feel normal, and it has all to do with inflammation.

Have you had something similar happen, did you have a mRNA vaccine reaction similar to me? What did you end up doing? Feel free to post your comments

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