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CactiEZ v0.7

It appears CactiEZ v0.7 is released, as i’ve been doing some research online. CactiEZ v0.7 is the new update. This update includes as per the website:

  • OS is CentOS 6 x64 (there is no 32bit version)
  • Now prompts for a few key items during the installation such as Network info, timezone, and password
  • More secure out of the box than the previous builds (some linux hardening, randomized mysql passwords, etc…)
  • PHP Timezone is automatically configured for the timezone entered during install
  • Cacti and all plugins are now installed via RPMs from my custom repository for easy updating of Cacti
  • Switched to RSyslog instead of Syslog-ng
  • NTop removed
  • Now includes a custom setup plugin that walks you through setting up your Cacti server (plugin installs, templates, etc…)
  • Custom jquery based theme donated by an anonymous source (Thanks!)
  • No upgrade path from CactiEZ v0.6 provided

I have mirrored CactiEZ v0.7 on my website for your pleasure and it can be downloaded from the downloads section or simply by clicking here.

The official website is

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  1. hasan
    hasan March 18, 2023

    will please provide the passwords and user for database

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