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Clearing alarms on a new Juniper switch

I recently have been using a Juniper EX2200 switch, which is quite nice, 48port, POE and much cheaper than a Cisco equivalent like a 2960S. When you initially turn on the switch you will see some alarm lights which is a Red LED and a Amber LED. The Red LED basically means the management port at back of the switch isnt in use, and the Amber means the configuration isnt saved as part of the rescue if anything goes wrong. To switch off these lights simply perform these commands:

RED LED – set chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore
AMBER LED – request system configuration rescue save


  1. Al Castano
    Al Castano May 18, 2018

    Why would the light be red when the management port isn’t in use. Wouldn’t it not be in use most of the time?

    • alcatron
      alcatron May 18, 2018

      Hey Al, i think it’s because Juniper is expecting everyone to use the management port by default. They dont realize some people have no need for it, and it’s pretty weird out of the box you gotta make these changes where on Cisco you dont etc.

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