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  1. Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan July 7, 2009

    Pinged this post – 12.4(24)T1 has been highly unstable, crashdumps and reloads every halfhour in one case. Tried trimming the config, disabling syslog/snmp/CEF/netflow to no avail. CCO doesn’t have the bug listed and cisco has become horrible to work with lately so no cases logged. Hope this release is better. Getting sick of cisco, as great at the c837’s were they were the begining of the end for me (meagre flash/dram and mid-life changes to spec left earlier buyers out in the cold when newer IOS’s exceeded the capacity).

  2. aLcAtRoN
    aLcAtRoN July 7, 2009

    hmm interesting, ive been running 24 T1 for a few days now on a 877 and seems fairly stable

  3. Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan July 8, 2009

    Correction. My mistake, it’s 12.4(24)T that’s unstable. Haven’t tested (24)T1 yet (need to check regressions for another bug).
    Have you seen regular errors in log for %FIB-4-FIBCBLK under T1?
    Cisco claim this is cosmetic but I’m not so sure. Doesn’t happen with (15)T9.

  4. aLcAtRoN
    aLcAtRoN July 8, 2009

    Hm no..I have not noticed anything under %FIB-4-FIBCBLK in the error logs. Is this specific to a 877?
    The T1 i think cisco have made a dramatic improvovement over T.

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