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Histamine Intolerance – So annoying

It has now been 6-7 months since my ability to eat meat has reduced dramatically due to histamine intolerance issues as well as due to leaky gut after a nasty bacteria I had.  It is now March and i still have issues tolerating histamine foods and I dont know how long it will take to eat like I did before. I have noticed that my meat intake has been a bit improved I can only tolerate fresh meat that’s been made but still nothing too old or leftovers I start having symptoms. The fresh meat i have no issues with is chicken and turkey, i can tolerate the free range. too. I miss the life I used to have where I ate everything.. now im eating this super restricted diet last few months and cooking almost everyday and haven’t got the toleration to eat outside.  I re-act to non organic vegetables and fruits still and to processed foods as well as anything else that has high histamine.. or any chemical things added. I wonder how much longer it will take to heal as now its been over a year since I started having all these problems. It has prevented me from going out and traveling which is one of my passions and also trying out new foods. I am stuck in a tight restricted food zone  which i just have to accept for now and hope for the best this tolerance level increases over time.

My muscle weakness is still there sometimes, in my reports i still show signs of inflammation which i think could be causing the issues with histamine, i just pray over time this goes away.


  1. John Smit
    John Smit November 16, 2016

    What ever happened with your gut problems?

  2. alcatron
    alcatron November 17, 2016

    Hey, well now its November 2016, and I can tell you my toleration has improved but not 100% perfect still. I can tolerate leftovers bit more, and ive introduced fermented foods without issues, its definitely improving. I do use a product “Histamine Block” if i pickup the meat isnt fresh, and it helps with the toleration.

    The biggest cause of all this is my SIBO overgrowth with Klebsiella, and it has caused quite significant damage and this is the reason why its taking a long time to heal. In my recent tests it showed the Klebsiella has returned at small numbers… again. I did see a integrative doctor and they suggested I use a product called “Interfase Plus” to kill of the biofilms that klebsiella have and using again a herbal treatment to eradicate it.

    I have just completed this treatment, and now back on probiotic treatment. I have been having a difficult time clearing for the past 2 years, even though i been working with multiple professionals. I just have to believe it will be one day over, and I will get back to how I was.

    Let me know if you would like any further info.

  3. Ella
    Ella January 5, 2017

    Guy bacterias anything guy related can disturb our whole life.i been fighting anxiety caused by helicobacter pylori. I wish i can be the way i was before.

    • alcatron
      alcatron January 6, 2017

      Ella, yes you’re exactly right bad gut bacteria can disturb your life, and cause anxiety. I have experienced it first hand with this Klebsiella overgrowth, I could barely function. Due to the high bacteria levels I was not absorbing food properly and getting all the vitamins I needed, I had Zinc, Vitamin B12, depletions and it was affecting my energy, getting weightloss, and not able to think or perform normal tasks, even walking in public crowds, I thought I was loosing my mind.
      I started to work with a naturopath, and they were able to give me the supplements I needed to function again, and reduce the klebsiella count and slowly I started improving, and now I am fine and dont get any anxiety issues.

      I would also look at the diet and try make sure you are eating organic as much as possible, and no processed or junk foods, gluten, sugar etc. Everything to be prepared fresh, ive been on this diet for almost 3 years now, and yes it has helped a lot, and I doubt I will go back to the processed food lifestyle.

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